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Blue-Scope® Steel have announced an upcoming price rise of raw material to take place on all orders placed after the close of business Friday 06th June 2014. This is an industry wide price rise and will affect all relevant orders.

If you require time to get council approvals etc we urge you to take that time into account.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q. I have seen prices rises advertised recently, why is there another one so soon?

A. Many shed companies advertise price rises incorrectly as a "steel" price rise when in fact they are internal price hikes. There are two types of price rises. 1. BlueScope raw material, this affects the whole industry or 2. Local or internal company increases.

Unfortunately many  companies promote their own internal price rises as "steel" or "Bluescope" price rises when in fact they are not.

Dinky Di Sheds only notify customers when the cost of the raw materials increase.